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Blazer Financial Solution Partners Ltd  Pantiles Chambers

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Trust & Estates

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"In us you can trust"


Helping you uncover the truth of what your financial future looks like, improving your outcomes, then helping you make the choices to get and keep the lifestyle you want & leave the legacy you planned !

We have found that for many clients once they have established their own bloodline protection of wealth framework and requirement with regards to any legacy they want

or need to leave, a massive burden is lifted. At that point clarity comes to allow them to really then focus on their own lifestyle needs and objectives.

"You know how Life's not a rehearsal?" Well, what we do is simple, we help


individuals and business owners to plan, build and enjoy their wealth


so they end up getting more out of life!


Blazer Financial Solution Partners is the home,

where our connections and partners come together

to provide your bespoke planning. That way we can tell our clients the truth about money to help them make

the right choices to lead the lifestyle they want.

What makes us different?
'At this stage we can't guarantee we can work with you"  If we can we provide help it is Quality consultancy and unrivalled solutions some of which are not available on the open market or through other sources.

******* Stop press***********

                        New nil rate band will help some families avoid inheritance tax! 


Don’t be misled by the ‘£1 Million Nil Rate Band’ headlines.

Bad Planning or structuring could cause you a loss of £140,000 to your family.  
From 6 April 2017 the government will introduce the 'Main Residence Nil Rate Band' (MRNRB) to reduce the number of middle-income families that have become liable for inheritance tax (IHT) through house price inflation.
While many headlines have made a point out of the fact that some families will have a nil rate band of £1 million – £350,000 of MRNRB plus £650,000 of the existing nil rate band for married couples – it’s not that simple.

Unintended consequences even as simple as death benefits under pensions or even your simple life insurance if not stuctured correctly could disqualify rights to this!

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By adopting an integrated approach, we can save our clients both time and money as opposed to conflicting advice which costs you both time and money.  


Our network of advisers have the expertise to attend to all your taxation, financial and business requirements. With many years experience in consulting and assessment, we can offer you support that you can rely on both with standard matters concerning your enterprise and more complex management assignments.

We value the relationships we have with our clients and work hard to provide them with the service they deserve.

Independent Lifestyle & Retirement Wealth Planning

for you , your family and your business



Wealth Preservation


Wealth Distribution


Wealth Protection


Up until 1986, the City and financial institutions were mainly self-regulating. The ethos was:

"dictum meumpactum" (my word is my bond)

However, the Conservative government of 1979 ushered in a new era of home and share ownership to the general public and there was recognition that a more robust regulatory framework needed to be created to help protect these new shareholders.


Total Life Wealth Wealth Planning now means you need advisers with experience across a range of areas. Our starting point is discover a client’s most essential goals in life before formulating a financial plan, so a client’s finances fully support those goals.

Finance is important only to the extent that it allows an individual or business to enjoy what's important to them. It also allows the point of knowing when you have worked enough and then can protect your legacy for those most dear to you.

Working with both corporate and private clients, Blazer introduces innovative financial and tax planning through its network of accounting, financial and legal experts in order to ensure you avoid any unforeseen expense and maximise the return on life , on your assets, your business and investments.

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